Nagata Corp.’s plan

In order to enable our employees to fulfill their potential and to improve employment environment with flexible work-life balance, we create a following action plan.
  1. Effective period : Valid for 3 years after 2015/12/1 until 2018/11/30
  2. Contents

    Goal 1
    To accept study-tour and internship of local high school students2.

    ●2015/12/1 started to discuss the system for acceptance
    ●2016/2 started to explain to the department and establish framework
    ●2016/4 stated relationships with schools
    ●2016/6 started to inform our employees about the activity.
    ●2016/8 started to accept study-tour and internship

    Goal 2
    To hold “study-tour-for-children”, where children can watch their parents working, by 2018/11.

    <Procedure for the goal>
    ●・2017/1~ establish the body to discuss
    ●2017/6~ inform the employees about the event date on a bulletin board
    ●2017/1~ hold the event, carry out a questionnaire survey, and review for the next event
    that’s all