We Transmit Power to All the Industries.

We Transmit Power to All the Industries.
Nagata Tekko builds the future with the precision gears it pioneers. A leader in precision-ground gears,based on 100% production to order,we answer the wide-ranging needs of all industries,from big gears,such as ultra-precise gears for OA devices,optical instruments,and home appliances. We hope to keep transmitting Japanese industry’s driving force precisely and powerfully to the of the world,just like our superior gears.


We do not use the word of “quality,” because good quality must be taken for granted. We set more strict standards than the normal, which contributes to convincing precision for our production.


To keep costs as low as possible,we maintain optimization systems for production management and production planning. We arrange factory layouts by product and by machine type,and we can adapt to lot production,high-max,low-volume production,etc. We are always seeking to reduce costs.


We treat delivery as an important element in quality and value,and so we have a strict delivery management system in place. To ensure product delivery on time,we maintain a cohernt system from material purchase and processing to shipping arrangements and delivery confirmation,to earn customers’trust.