Head office & plant 1-12 Nogawa, Shuku-cho, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi-ken 441-0101
TEL (0533)72-2131 FAX (0533)78-3616
Site Area 49,103㎡
Building Site 14,982㎡
Data of establishment 1946/3/19
Capital 76.25 million yen
Annual gross sales 57 billion yen
Business purposes (1) Manufacturing and sale of various precision gears
(2) Processing of metal heat treatment
President Takamitsu Hayashi
Employees 178 (151 male, 27 female)
Main banks The Aichi Bank, Ltd., Toyohashi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Toyohashi Branch
The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd., Toyokawa Branch
Toyohashi Shinkin Bank, Kosakai Branch
Japan Finance corporation, Okazaki Branch


1946 Hayashi, Ltd. Established in Komoguchi, Toyohashi.Sewing machines and knitting machine manufacture and repair.
Capital: 150.000yen
1947 Renamed, Nagata Tekko, Ltd. ; moved to Nibancho, Hanada, Toyohashi.
Capital: 195.000yen
1951 Production shifted to crankshafts, connecting rods, and gears.
1955 System made for gear manufacturing.
1958 Established as a specialized gear plant with capital of 3.15 million yen
Capital: 3.15 million yen
1960 Capital: 4.3 million yen
1961 Joined the Japan Gear Manufacturers’ Association.
Completed shift to manufacturing gears only, and made a five-year plan to construct the Kozakai Plant (present plant).
Introduction of many leading-edge machines.
Capital: 8 million yen
1962 Capital: 12 million yen
1964 Capital: 24 million yen
1966 Plant specializing in heat treatment constructed.
Capital: 25 million yen
1968 Gear Grinding Division established.
1969 Reorganized as NAGATA TEKKO CO, LTD
Capital: 36 million yen
1970 Capital: 48 million yen
1973 Expanded the Gear Grinding Division, started screw and rackmanufacturing.
Capital: 72.5 million yen
1978 Established the Screw and Rack Grinding Division
1982 Opened Precision Measurement Division and Screw and Rack Plant.
1989 Received Technology Award from the Toyohashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1990 Gear Grinding Plant completed.
1995 No.1 Production Plant refurbished.
1996 Heat Treatment Plant improved with new facilities.
Microscopic gear grinder developed.
1997 New cafeteria opened.
1998 Machine Repair Plant opened.
No.2 Production Plant refurbished.
2000 Certified ISO 9002
2001 Mimi Gear Grinding Division established.
2002 Certified ISO 9001:2000
2004 No.1 Production Plant remodeled.
Heat Treatment Plant extended.
2006 No.2 Production Plant remodeled.
2008 Certified ISO 14001:2004
Capital: 76.25 million yen
2009 Completion of “Nagata Training Facilities”
Certified ISO 9001:2008
2010 The address has been changed due to municipal mergers.
2012 Heat Treatment Plant completed.
2014 No.2 Plant completed.
2015 Certified JIS Q 9100 : 2009
2016 70th Anniversary Ceremony