Nagata Kensyu Dojo

Teachers are highly experienced veteran technicians. They thoroughly explain from the ground up the workings of machines, hard to grasp from an NC machine.

At Nagata Tekko, we have set up training facilities on our site, to give our new employees hands-on experience with the fundamentals of metal working. At the training facilities are lined up manually operated machines, such as lathes, milling machines and drilling machines from the previous generation. With the most advanced NC machines that are actually used in the factory today, anyone can make a passable shape just by punching numbers. But true technicians are not born of working on without grasping the meaning of the numbers. To work with the old machines requires knowledge, know-how, and knack. And maintenance and remodeling are impossible without a true, thorough understanding of the machine.
At Nagata Tekko, our aim is to raise technical artisans in the true sense, who understand the old machines, know what to do with the new machines, and are capable of creating the machines of tomorrow.

NagataKensyuDojo Training facilities




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